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26 & 2 Hot Yoga Online Program

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The only online educational program of its kind! 


135 VIDEOS covering all 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises & final Savasana. Each posture workshop contains 5 in depth lessons for a total of 135 individual videos. Value of $40 per workshop ~ $1080 VALUE


VIDEO 1 - Which Class to Do & When to Do Them with John Salvatore A guide to understanding the types of home classes available and the best way to use them with John Salvatore ~ $10 VALUE

VIDEO 2 - Setting up your Personal "At-Home" Studio Space A comprehensive list and video designed to help you set up a “personal studio space”  in your home for creating and maintaining a yoga practice at home ~ $10 VALUE

VIDEO 3 - 5 Keys to a Safe & Therapeutic At-Home 26&2 Practice with Benjamin Sears.A video explaining the Five Keys to a safe and therapeutic home practice with Ben Sears ~ $10 VALUE

VIDEO 4 - Why Practice at Home? Inspirational video by veteran teacher Craig Villani designed to get you in peak mental state to make the most of your home practice ~ $10 VALUE

VIDEO 5 - The Practice of Presence. Being present is the key to a fulfilling practice. Join Craig Villani as he explores the concepts of being present. ~$10 VALUE

VIDEO 6 - Creating a Ritual. Key Habits designed to help you start, maintain, and succeed in your home practice. A downloadable guide is included. ~ $10 VALUE

VIDEO 7 - Heating Things Up. Tips on how you can internally and externally turn up the heat in your home practice ~$10 VALUE

VIDEO 8 -A guided audio Yoga Nidra Meditation ~ $10 VALUE

VIDEO 9 - Extended Savasana meditation. A guided post-class Savasana meditation for you to relax with after class  ~$10 VALUE

CLASS #1 - Full 60 minute audio class by veteran teacher Jennifer Boyle that you can download! ~ $10 VALUE

CLASS #2 - Full 60 minute audio class by Raja Yoga instructor Jess Loera ~$10 VALUE

CLASS #3 - Full 90 minute audio class by Craig Villani that you can download! ~$10 VALUE

CLASS #4 - Full 90 minute audio class by Craig Villani live from teacher training that you can download! ~ $10 VALUE

CLASS #5 - Full 90 minute video class.On demand 26&2 Class by Craig Villani recorded live from studio in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia ~ $10 VALUE

CLASS #6- Full 90 minute video class. An On demand 26&2  Zoom Class by John Salvatore ~ $10 VALUE


BONUS POSTURE POSTER - A comprehensive 26&2 Posture Chart. Beautifully visual, full-color posture chart of all 26 postures and breathing exercises you can download and print ~ $10 VALUE

BONUS VIDEO #1- The Mechanics of Locking the Knee. Craig Villani's step-by-step guide to safely locking your knee ~ $10 VALUE

BONUS VIDEO #2- The Concept of Equal Standing. Craig Villani explains one of the core principles of the 26&2 series ~ $10 VALUE

BONUS VIDEO #3 - What is 80/20 Breathing Jen Boyle explains another core principle of the 26&2 series ~ $10 VALUE

BONUS - Eligible for 20 hours of continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance. Exam included ~$20 VALUE 


WORKSHOP #1  - Unlocking the Secrets to Locking the Knee. Access to a virtual 60 min workshop and downloadable materials for “Unlock the Secrets to Locking the Knee” ~ $20 VALUE

WORKSHOP #2 -  The Power Of Breath. Access to a virtual 60 min workshop and download materials for “The Power of Breath” ~$20 VALUE

What People Are Saying:

This changed my practice today! This is a wonderful addition to the material on pranayama breathing. I'm a student of 7 years and I am in love with this content already-- and it's only week 1!

Barbara Dugan